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Sailing World Hobie Kayaks

Mounting: Can be mounted on most rigid-hull kayaks with stainless steel cavity dowel pins.
Steering: Steering can be locked, after which kayak is steered with the paddle or the rudder. This results in a larger radius of turn. Alternatively, the motor can be connected to the rudder or the steering system of the boat, which makes it very maneuverable (e.g. for fishing).
Watertightness: All motor components are watertight, protected against complete immersion.
Safety: The motor shuts off when the magnetic key on the remote throttle control is removed. Therefore, for safety reasons, the magnetic key should be attached to the wrist or the life vest. If the kayak capsizes, the motor shuts off automatically to avoid possible injury.
Lithium-manganese battery: Integrated GPS; the capacity of the battery is 230 Wh, i.e. 8 Ah at 28.8 V. When fully discharged, the charge time with the charger supplied is approximately 8 hours.
Lithium-manganese battery life expectancy: Charge cycles are not the main factor affecting the service life of the lithium-manganese battery. The battery does not have a memory-effect. Generally, a loss of capacity of 4% per year can be assumed. Aging is accelerated if the battery is exposed to high temperatures for long periods and if it is stored fully charged for long periods. Therefore, the battery can be used in very hot conditions, but should be removed from the sun and stored in a cool place when not used. If it is stored for a longer period of time, its charge status should be about 50%. If these instructions are followed, your battery will have a life expectancy of some 6-10 years.

Leisure: Increase your range with the Ultralight 402. Or take a family member paddling who enjoys the support and fun of a motor. Touring: With the Ultralight you will be able to ride through local currents faster and easier giving you extra reserve capacity. Fishing: We donĀ“t need to convince you. You know you need this motor.