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Sailing World Hobie Kayaks

More control by combining stepless speed control and defined speeds In addition to the stepless forwards/reverse drive over all power ranges, the Travel 401 / 801 models are equipped with predefined speeds. These have been defined for maximization of the range traveled and as 1 hour traveling time with a full battery (2 hours for Travel 401). This provides the user with additional possibilities to check and regulate the power consumption and range of the boat.

Downwards compatible: The Travel also runs on lead batteries For uses where the mobility of the Travel model is not important or where a larger battery bank is required, the motor can also be connected to standard lead batteries using the batter adapter delivered as an accessory.

To be taken easily: Due to their unique folding mechanism, the Torqeedo Travel models can be reduced to a handy format. In the waterproof travel pack, the motor can be transported easily. The Torqeedo Travel can also easily be stored on board and only requires a little space. This ensures balanced weight distribution during sailing, and makes it into the optimum electric motor propulsion system for smaller boats. The integrated LIMA high-performance batteries are immune against memory-effects and keep their charge stable, even when stored for months.