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From a surface area of less than 11 square feet, the CIGS solar charger provides sufficient energy to charge the lithium-batteries of the Travel 503/1003 series quicker than the chargers that come with the products.

What a convenient and clean way to charge the batteries of your tender, sailboat or fishing boat. If you use the CIGS solar charger while running your boat, you can run between 1.3 and 2.2 knots from the energy provided by the charger (results vary depending on the boat).

The GPS-based range calculation will incorporate the solarcharge effect into the calculation of the remaining range. Yet, if you do not need the CIGS Solar Charger, it folds into a handy format of 37 x 22 cm and can be transported and stored easily. It weighs a mere 1.6 kg and connects with the Travel 503/1003 models as well as other 24 V devices.

Output power: Maximum 62 watts; under typical sun exposure in North America and Europe output powers of 40-45 watts can be expected.
Cell type: CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide)
Efficiency: Cell efficiency 9.8%, module efficiency 7.5%
Voltage: open circuit voltage 56 V, designed to charge 24 V systems.
Charging options: The batteries of the Travel 503/1003 models can be solar charged while not in use, as well as during operation.
Charging time from 0% to 100% charge: The 300 Wh battery of the Travel 503/1003 series will charge in approx. 8 hours; the 400 Wh battery of the Travel 503/1003 series will charge in approx. 10 hours of sunlight.
Compatibility/plugs: works with other 24 V electric devices; comes with extension cable and 2.5 mm ID barrel plug; will fit onto Travel 503/1003 models.
Weatherproofness: The CIGS solar cells are laminated onto a Rip-Stop Nylon. They are weatherproof and meet military specifications (Mil Std 810). After use, they need to be stored in a dry condition.
Light-soaking: If not used for a longer period of time, CIGS cells may require some 3-4 hours of light-exposure to reach their full output power again.
Power guarantee: Limited warranty of 2 years refers to 80% of specified power.

Charge stability during storage
Available charge after 1 year of storage as a percentage of the original charge