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Sailing World Hobie Kayaks

Our Cruise R models come with substantial improvements: The fact that we already supplied the best overall efficiency on the market didnĀ“t stop us from going even further. Our new models achieve efficiency rates of 51 %, which means over half of the energy supplied by the batteries is transformed into propulsive power (measured after all losses, including propeller losses). In addition, we have made the motor even more robust. The Cruise R can stand even a temporary complete submersion under water without taking any harm. Also, we have integrated a GPS receiver and an information system, so you always know how much battery power and remaining range you have. Finally, we made the motor even more powerful. The Cruise 4.0 R has the propulsive power of an 8 horsepower combustion engine in displacement drive and the thrust power of a 9.9 hp outboard motor.

Battery supply: The Cruise 2.0 R requires a abttery voltage of 24 V, the Cruise 4.0 R requires 48 V. We recommend a battery supply of batteries with at least 180 Ah capacitiy each. Lead-based batteries are not resistant to high current, i.e. the capacities indicated on the casing are not available when the batteries are to be fully discharged in a short time (e.g. 1 or 2 hours). For this reason, you should allow for sufficient reserves. Alternatively, the Cruise 2.0 R can also be run with at least one lithium-manganese battery from the Torqeedo Power series. The Cruise 4.0 R can be run with two batteries from the Torqeedo Power series.

Connection to remote throttle/steering: The motor is designed for connection with a standard remote steering system (e.g. Teleflex). Included in the delivery are a guide tube which runs through the transom bracket as well as a link arm.

On-board information system: The computer integrated in the remote throttle control analyses and combines information received from the motor, batteries and GPS. While the motor and GPS data are very accurate, the battery information is based on estimates which can vary according to the connected battery type, age and capacitiy in each case. The indications of battery charge status and remaining range are therefore estimates that are less accurate than those of the Ultralight model.

Licence friendly: The Cruise 4.0 R has a shaft performance of 3.5 kW or 4.7 hp. This puts it under the regulation threshold for many inland lakes (e.g. 5 hp). Yet, due to the super-efficient propeller it has the propulsive power of an 8 hp gas outboard (relating to boats in displacement drive). Its staitc thrust is as strong as a 9.9 hp internal combustion engine.